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Gunka attaches extra importance on quality

Stating that he has been in the sector since 1993 Gunka Yatak owner Muammer Gunes said that quality production was their first philosophy and they recommended their products to everyone. Gunka, which makes quilted for contract market, padded sofa sewing along with spring bed manufacturing, has been serving in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone on a 3500-m2 area of which 2 thousand m2 is indoor.

Could you please give information about Gunka since the day it was founded?

Gunka, has been founded in 1999. In 2011, we have registered LECTO brand and since then we have been manufacturing our products under this brand name.

Which of your products are in the bed sector?

Along with any kind of spring bed manufacturing, we are serving in the bed sector with quilted manufacturing

for the contract market, padded sofa sewing, bed base and headboard products.

Do you have an R&D department? How do your R&D studies advance?

We have an R&D department which designs different models with different colors and quality every year.

Which countries do you export your products?

Being Romania in the first place, we export to England and Belgium.

What are your capacities of production, exportation and domestic sales?

We are a company which appeals to domestic market more. Every year we sell around 70% of our products to domestic markets. 30% of these products are exported.

Would you like to add something?

As a company, we keep on manufacturing quality products of economic prices and we are trying to improve ourselves. We are aiming to balance our domestic and foreign sales by increasing our capacity in the forthcoming years.