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Doga Furniture at the service of the bedding industry

Doga Furniture Company, which we have built as a furniture workshop in 1992 as ‘bahçekapılı mobilya’, continued its integrated production with a corporation identity in 2006 with the name of ‘Doga Mobilya’ in the Anatolian side of Istanbul.Started its activity with armchair production, our company added cases, corner sets and sofas to its production line.

We started with standard case production but later succeeded to produce patented demountable cases as a first in Turkey. Besides, we dedicated part of our production to some of the leading brands in Turkey. We buy the raw materials such as leather, fabric, foam, etc. from the companies which never compensate on quality. Our experienced staff makes our own production for the products that are mare for ourselves but for company orders, our team and R&D department of customers collaborate for the best models either from our collection or developed newly.Thanks to our capacity and preferred product collection our products are exported to Malta, the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. We have a usage area of 6,000 in our facilities. We have started mattress production supporting our newly realized base investment. Besides, we offer our products to our customers at three retailing stores.