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Four-season comfort on one single bed



Bellona, the major brand in the furniture industry in Turkey, has made another first step with innovations in bed technology. Beds produced under the name of “Four Seasons” were designed with a pocket spring system so that couples would not be disturbed each other during sleep.


While the maximum air permeability was combined with natural filling materials, the pad, which was layered with materials of cotton and wool, was made to meet the consumer’s preference having two different functions. Easily replaceable, the pad offers comfort in a single bed four seasons: cotton surface is for summer; woolly surface is for the winter.


The natural materials used to compensate the body temperature in the bed, where the breathing capacity reaches the highest level, and sweating during sleep is minimized.


Thanks to the pocket spring system, which is designed on one side as a hard and as soft on the other side, the consumers are offered four different comforts by having one single bed.