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Cool dreams in summer with a gel-featured bed


* The new generation sleeping technologies comes to your door in special vacuum hygiene box with 12 years guaranteed brand of By Tonino Lamborghini…


The new generation mattresses; that take the name and technology of Italy’s world luxury sports car brand Lamborghini offer customized sleeping solutions. The brand’s Monaco model orthopedic mattress, keeps the summers cool with its special gel texture while the breathable elastic fabric surface designed with the 3D banding system prevents sweating. The beds of 160 * 200, 180 * 200 and 200 * 200 are being produced without touching in the facilities in Italy and come to Turkey in a special vacuum hygiene package.


By Tonino Lamborghini, the world famous brand of automobile that gives its name to many special products ranging from clothing and accessories to furniture, offers a healthy sleep in over 120 sales points with Yatcop assurance in Turkey. The brand’s 2017 design Monaco model bed, with it’s MemoSoft filling material, fills all the gaps in the body’s surface contact points, completely wraps the body during sleep, and prevents joint pain and spinal deformities due to the lying position.


The Monaco model beds supports the ideal sleeping solutions for the users with its airless circulating fabric structure that does not allow the formation of harmful bacteria such as mite, and the feeling of being in the space, which is caused by electrical and electronic devices in the room.