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Cardinya for sweet dreams

“We have a good stand in the industry with our quality and innovations,” says Ali Koc, proprietor of Cardinya company. 

Cardinya, a producer of mattresses since 2009, is now active in its segment by producing right products and right quality. Ali Koc, owner of the firm answered our questions about the products and his future plans:

How long have you been in the industry as Cardinya?

We started by producing coaches and armchairs for the furniture industry in 1995. Accumulating enough power and expertise we restructured our company to produce beds under Cardinya trademark. Besides, we started to produce bases and bedsteads. By offering right products we positioned in the market as a producer of quality products. We closely watch new materials and did not compromise on quality. Presently, we can produces 170 to 200 beds daily.

What kind of products does your company have?

We produce practically every kind of mattresses. However, we focused on bedstead sets, bases, patient beds, motored beds, mobil beds and bed base sets.

What is your supply source for your products?

We buy all fabrics from Boyteks, a leading producer of textiles in Turkey. We import some raw materials for horsehair beds from Holland, latex from Belgium. We have also green products in our portfolio, including the beds made of lambs wool, natural aleovera essence beds, bamboos, and beds made of antibacterial fabrics.

Which countries do you export your products to?

We sell our goods to the buyers in Middle East, Iraq, Libya, Germany, Denmark, Turkmenistan and Cyprus.

Would you brief us about your investments?

Investment is indispensable for growth.With this aim, we started to produce panel furniture three months earlier. Now we are preparing catalogues for this line. These products will be in the market this month. We are also working on horsehair, latex and 100 percent wool mattresses.