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Majesty , softer mattresses from Yatas

Did you know that 51% of Turkish people prefer soft mattresses?

A survey of trends in beds by TNS Research Company showed that about half of the population in Turkey, prefer softer mattresses. However, softness of the bed is not the only factor for better sleep but they must also support body completely and provides comfort.

At this point, Yatas , one of the companies in mattress industry in Turkey, introduced a new pocked spring mattress and called it Majesty line. The product has double surface, one for those prefer harder, one for those who prefer softer support while in sleep. Beds are ideal to keep the spine straight in sleep by adapting themselves at each part of the body. They also reduce the effects of unintentional movements of couples lying side by side. Majesty line also has been embedded by antibacterial silver ions that prevent proliferation of bacteria and bed scents and provides a perpetual hygiene and freshness. It also has a chic outlook with its side stitches and attractive fabrics.

The product is sold at Yatas stores in line with special bases and bedsteads to provide a better and softer sleep environment.