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Cardimo set to be more efficient

Cardin Concept targets to expand more in international arena in 2017 with its Cardimo brand mattresses

1Cardin Concept, a company that is active in the market and sells furniture to 45 countries and mattresses to 18 countries, reaches successful results with its Cardimo brand. Lotus and Space models products are demanded more by the distributors and end users. Alperen Teker, board chairman of the company informed about their activities. He said, “The year 2016 was successful for us, despite the latest problems in the country. Sleep centers that we launched at Ismob fair in 2016, and sleep technology and mattress products attracted great interest of the visitors. We keep applying our sleep center concepts into our sellers’ stores, in certain provinces. In international markets, we keep exporting our products to England, Jordan, Cyprus and other European countries. Our sellers and end users also liked lotus and Space concept mattresses. They also added value to our brand.

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We plan to participate in fairs especially held in foreign countries. We decided to double the space that we hired in Ismob fair in 2017. Among our targets about Cardimo brand is to reach out more new countries and markets. We aimed to improve our export potential by participating in international fairs in 2017 and by our attacks in marketing and technology fields.”

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