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Bambi hits the bull’s-eye with its Magic Touch System

Bambi Yatak, which has developed opening systems of bed bases with a single foot movement for the first time in the world, proves that they encoded the R&D works to its DNA. Designed by engineers of Bambi, the system allows you to open your base easily and place your belongings safely with just one foot movement, without needing to anyone and using no force. Preventing the bad scenarios may occur, Bambi Bed continues to make our lives easier.

Your bed doesn’t swing shut out of your control thanks to Magic Touch System

Bambi allows to open bedbase with just one foot movement without any help from anyone and using any force. Making the life easier for pregnants, the elder and the people suffering low back pain, Magic Touch System helps your body not get tired. Furthermore, Bambi Mattress prevents accidents and closing of your mattress out of your control. Applied the system to Magnasand Therapy for the first time, the company will integrate the system to their other models in the forthcoming days.

“The mattresses are opened easily and they are used safely”

Emre Gökmen, member of the board of Bambi, said that their R&D team of 20 people works for 365 days and expressed their happiness for developing a first in the world. Underlining that R&D is a never-ending process under the roof of Bambi, Emre Gökmen said: “As Bambi, we know that bed bases can cause big problems in our living space in terms of security. Conscious of this fact, we decided to completely change the mechanism of bed base to design safe bed base models. Our aim is to take safe usage to 100% level. The Magic Touch system, which is completely our design and idea, enables to raise of box spring by all users with a single touch.”

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