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Zeki Yücel Of Ekin Group Chairs IAFP

Zeki_YucelGeneral Coordinator of Ekin Publishing Group, which publishes MOBILYA DEKORASYON and FURNITURK magazines along others, was elected as the president of International Alliance of Furnishing Publications (IAFP) for two years.

IAFP is an association of the foremost trade publications from 19 member countries, based on quality editorial and on circulation. Zeki Yucel of Ekin Group run during the general assembly of the Association against a Singaporean candidate and won the election with 12 votes of 15 total. Upon his election earlier this year, Zeki Yucel made the following statement: “International Alliance of Furnishing Publications (IAFP) is a tightly knitted family comprising the world’s premier furniture trade magazines. Since our formation 16 years ago, the alliance now boasts a global network of 19 members covering major furniture markets around the world. As the president, I am proud to be supported by a highly committed executive committee and many active members. I am confident that as a group, we will be able to further our objective for greater exchange of information between members and markets, crucial to help furniture businesses, agencies and organizations for effective decision-making. We will also continue to strive towards our larger goal to facilitate the growth of furniture trade and industry globally. IAFP is a strategic partner to furniture businesses, industry agencies and associations. We enable the furniture community a worldview and global connectivity. Together with my colleagues, I invite all to work together to help promote the positive development of the international furniture trade.”