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Yatas in Far East

Yatas, a leading Turkish mattress and furniture manufacturer, opened its first “Yatas Bedding Showroom” in Guangzhou city of Guangdong, China.

In line with the Chinese investor partner of Yatas, the company realized the opening of Yatas Bedding Showroom.

Turkey’s Guangzhou Consul General Burak Ali Karacan, Commercial Attachés Husnu Tamer Erkan and Hasan Kose attended the opening ceremony. Economy Minister Zafer Caglayan sent a congratulation message to Yavuz Altop, Chairman of the Board of Yatas.

The opening aroused great interest of Chinese local media. Yatas products including bedding, cases and home textile products were promoted at the opening ceremony.

Yavuz Altop and his dealer representative Mr. Lu arranged a dinner for the press. During the dinner party Altop delivered a speech and expressed his happiness for opening Yatas Bedding Showroom in China. “We are exporting to over 45 countries and we offer Yatas comfort to those countries. We have now carried this comfort to China. We promoted our concept with the products to the press members and other guests at the inauguration ceremony today and we got very positive feedbacks. Our next major target is to increase the number of our stores in China to 275 in line with our 5 year development plan,” Yavuz Altop stated.


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