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Wearable device that will not let you fall asleep



* At any sign of drowsiness, Steer will warn you with vibration and gentle electric impulse, so you do not fall asleep while driving.


Every day, hundreds of millions of people drive cars, but very little of them think how dangerous it is to drive while being tired.


While driving drowsy, the driver is very vulnerable to “micro-sleep”, says in a report published in Micro-sleep can last for up to 30 seconds, and when it occurs, the driver is unconscious and does not respond to any environmental sensors, such as sound or light.


a04d86424d553bd8331dc40bced8ebba_originalMicro-sleep is often a result of sleep deprivation, but also often occurs while driving monotonously for a long time. A new wearable “Steer” prevents driver from experiencing micro-sleep at the very first signs of tiredness.


Steer is a bracelet that will help drivers to not fall asleep behind the wheel. Steer detects the level of your drowsiness by analyzing heart rate and skin conductance and warns you when your condition is close to sleeping.


Besides warning you about the fact that you are drowsy, Steer actually wakes you up, so you are safe to continue the journey. Steer bracelet is intended for all drivers and everyone who suffer from sleep deprivation from time to time.


It is useful for long journeys to different city or state, as well as short journeys to work in the morning when you just woke up and still feeling sleepy.


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