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Visco quality smart beds from Isbir Yatak

Isbir Yatak offers various options with Viscostar Viscoelastic Smart Beds to those who are in search of peaceful and comfy sleep.

If you want distinction along with health, peace and comfort, round shaped “Belmondo” mattresses are exactly for you. If you claim that massage is indispensible for you, you need “Nature Massage”, if high density is a must for you, “100 Plus” fits you, if you want completely natural, “Nature” will definitely help you,  if you are undecided whether it should be hard or soft, the one with both specifications is “ViscoAir” and if you look for extra comfort in everything “Comfort” is the best smart bed option for you.

Isbir Yatak, offers “Ergoplas” for those who want both spring and visco in their beds, “Relax” for those who care about comfort very much in their beds and “ViscoPed” for those who cannot leave their beds but wonder the feeling of visco as well.