Anasayfa / QUILTS / Tunahan Tolaz, Export Manager, Kerem Tekstil:

Tunahan Tolaz, Export Manager, Kerem Tekstil:

We produce fitted bed sheets (jersey, terry, double jersey, velour), waterproof mattress protectors (jersey, terry, capitone), pillow cases (jersey, terry, double jersey, velour), jacquard fitted sheets, bed sets (jersey, terry), raw and reactive dyed fabric (terry, jacquard, jersey, lycra, jersey, velour and double jersey in tube). Between 80-130 cm open width – between 150-250 cm widths.

Our export markets are: Germany, The Netherlands, Romania, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy and Serbia.

EXPECTATIONS FROM SLEEP WELL EXPO: We plan to showcase our products with the best way and to expand our portfolio.