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Strange beds of Icehotel

Warm welcome, cool experience and dreamlike stay at ICEHOTEL in Sweden

To spend the night at Icehotel is an experience – and not like any other hotel stay. You sleep in a thermal sleeping bag on a bed built by ice blocks, a wooden frame, mattress and it is topped with reindeer skins. Surrounded by artwork made of ice and snow, by artists from all over the world. In the morning you will be awakened with a cup of hot lingonberry juice.

Sleeping in temperatures below freezing naturally places demands on your equipment, but you can influence a lot yourself with the right preparation. Ice Hotel is famous all over the world because almost everything here is built on ice. Even its bedrooms are ice cold, with only reindeer skins as cushion or barrier, to keep the guests from feeling cold.

Most people who come to the Ice Hotel are really after the experience and adventure. And the managers of the hotel note that they provide a “warm” room and never force their guests to sleep on the ice beds.

In most cases, visitors spend an average of three nights at the hotel, where they chose to spend one night on the ice bed. Many of the guests really only want to see and touch it, and then ask for a more comfortable sleeping arrangement, which the hotel has reserved in the warmer rooms. While it may be a struggle to sleep in a very cold and very hard bed, it is definitely a once in a lifetime experience for many visitors. In the hotel it never gets colder than -5 to – 8ºC, regardless of the fact that the outdoor temperature sometimes drops down to -30º. Between 10am and 6pm Icehotel is open for the public but after closing its doors, it is only available for guests.

Since the start twenty-two years ago, Icehotel has built up an impressive competence and an extensive international network of famous designers, artists, sculptors and architects. The dynamic team behind Icehotel Creative Experience is made up of architects, engineers, ice artists and visionaries – all driven by a quest for innovation and excellence and for making the impossible come true. With nan eye for detail and expert knowledge in all fields of ice management, Icehotel nhas become a sought after partner for leading brands, in connection with spectacular events, around the world.