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Sterling Sleep introduced more improved component based sustainable mattress

IIDA/HD Product Design award winner, Sterling Sleep has introduced more improved latex and memory foam covered sustainable mattress in new incarnation yet again.

Sterling Sleep is the leading supplier of cost competitive, Eco Friendly mattresses for the Hospitality Industry. Their patented sustainable bed design allows replacement of interchangeable soiled or worn components in the room. Soiled beds come completely apart for proper cleaning. Double the comfortable service life of your beds by replacing foam and upholstered components as needed instead of replacing the complete bed.

This time more advanced technology is learnt to have been incorporated into the mattress construction. Zipper system is now being seen more enhanced, offering better user experience and convenience to replace soiled or damaged mattresses.

Mattress quality is said to be far better, resulting in better performance, comfort, safety, suitability for intended use and accessibility. Users can now replace their bed parts without anybody’s assistance in a little time.

These are remarkable enhancements which hoteliers in particular prefer. Expenses in purchasing such upholsteries by hoteliers have been pretty higher. So, it’s quite natural that they would choose to purchase cost-saving mattresses and at the same time, they wouldn’t like to compromise with mattress quality. Giving excellent sleep experience to their guests is their prime objective.

“Sterling Sleep Systems’ sleep mattresses are found out to be the best to maintain the highest level of guest comfort and satisfaction. And, their users can ensure it by reconfiguring the internal firmness and the top layer of the bed. All these we have made possible by enhancing features of our component-based latex and memory foam mattresses,” confirmed Mr. Anton Hoshchild, Vice President of Sterling Systems.