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Special mattresses for youth from Doğtaş


Doğtaş made new special mattresses for teens whose spines are being shaped.

Watching the habits of people closely in Turkey Doğtaş, a leading furniture company, offers comfortable and quality mattresses they developed after their search for sleeping map of the country. Elif Goktas, marketing manager, informed about her company and activities.

Will you inform us about the products you offer to your customers lately?

We work with Leggett&Platt in spring systems. We have mattresses made of revisioned fabrics. Now, we are trying to produce special mattresses peculiar to Doğtaş. So, while buying springs of soft touch, honeycomb or hybrid, we also use unique fabrics. We have special mattresses for spouses of different weighs. Lately, we launched mattresses for youth first in ISMOB fair.

What is different in these mattresses?

It is made solely for teens whose arms and legs and bodies are growing steadily. The spring systems used in this product supports them completely. Springs are specially and solely made by L&P for our company. Fabrics of them are also adjusted to the tastes of younger people.

How was the year 2015 for your company?

It was a good year. We started a communication campaign based on “touch” concept. Product portfolio was also expanded. We target 15 % growth in the coming year.

Companies like yours are exhibiting their products in sleep shops not in corner shops. Do you have any plan in this regard?

We think about store concept again in 2015. We will start the new concept in 2016. Mattress and sleep centers will be separa- ted. First you will enter a nice and well-illuminated room. Earlier lights were dimmed. Products are becoming glossier.

Will you inform us about the study you have made to learn about sleep habits of the people in Turkey?

We worked with Ipsos who polled about one thousand people in 6 regions in Turkey. They prepared a map of sleep habits. How the people living in different parts of the country are sleeping, what types of mattresses are preferred? We will soon share the results of the study.

What do you want to say lastly?

When mattresses are mentioned we remember words such as, comfort, peace of mind, softness and orthopedic. Our mattresses have these associations. Mattress is important for the people from their early ages, starting from their childhood. We emphasize on natural products in fabrics and the effects of them on muscles. It is important, because more the one fourth of our lives are spend on mattresses.

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