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Sleep ” RELAX “ed , live agile

Offering natural solutions to the sleep products industry, RELAX is an innovative family business in the heart of the Salzburg Lake District.

Participated in IMM Cologne in January this year with a wide range of products, “Relax – Natürlich Wohnen” was founded in 1990 from the carpenter’s workshop of the Sigl family and today concentrates fully on the manufacture of solid wood furniture. Natural wooden beds and in particular Relax natural bed systems are produced with great success. “The idea behind Relax- Natürlich Wohnen is that you sleep best in the natural, healthy way,” explains Managing Director Herbert Sigl. “For this reason, it is extremely important to us that our products fulfill our high demands in terms of natural materials, ergonomics and orthopedics from the bed system and the mattress to the overlay, blanket and pillow.” The new products fulfill needs that are becoming increasingly more important in our affluent society: Relief of the spine and relaxation of the body through movement in between. RELAX Natürlich Wohnen is well known for its strengths in all areas, from the production to the distribution. Thanks to the use of the latest CNC machines and optimally trained staff, quick and smooth processing of every order is guaranteed by the company.

Natural bed systems
In the production of the Relax natural bed systems, the spring element provides firm support for the body, while the mattress makes the bed pleasantly soft. Special characteristics of Relax mattresses include a very lightweight and natural purity.

RELAX 2000 is the best comfort for your wellbeing. 45 patented threedimensionally supported special spring elements make sure that you spend your night in the Relax bed system as if you were floating. The sink-in depth of 70 mm provides best adjustment to your body and relief of the spine during the night. Thanks to the special spring elements, you can adjust your bed with the provided tension rods according to your personal needs. Special relief for shoulders and pelvis can be effortlessly achieved by taking out or tensioning the tension rods that are arranged in the center of the special spring elements. This bed system fits into any existing bed with lateral support rails.

Naturally, the metal-free Relax solid wood beds would be an excellent choice.

RELAX 3000 bed system is made of a solid beech wood frame equipped with 84 individual three-dimensionally supported wooden plates (for bed size 90/200 cm). With its low assembly height of only 11 cm, this bed system fits in every existing bed with lateral support rails. The specially developed spring element is the centerpiece of the Relax 3000. The wood plate mounted on it with its sink-in depth of 50 mm offers you a very flexible sleeping comfort.

The Flexo slatted frame from Relax with 28 multi-layer glued spring contact strips made of natural beech wood, supported in elastic natural rubber caps, guarantees a healthy and relaxing sleep. It optimally adapts to your body thus providing the best support for your spine when lying.

Thanks to its low installation height of only 9 cm, it can be installed in almost any bed. It is equipped with a metalfree seat and foot lifting mechanismso that you can read leisurely or relax in your bed. The electric motor guarantees optimal comfort and can be set infinitely as you wish, with knee bend and shoulder lowering, power disconnection and emergency lowering mechanism. (Low installation height of 13 cm)

The Relax Naturform with a 90 mm sinkin depth and its flexible adjustment options is ideal for people who sleep on their side and persons of heavy build. The double lamella system is supported on elastic latex elements. Equipped with 42 lamellas at the top and 42 lamellas at the bottom, it ensures relaxation and stability. The variable shoulder-lowering device provides even more individual adjustment options. Turning the lamellas is therefore no longer necessary as, thanks to the symmetric design, they can be reversed as a whole. This bed system fits into any existing bed with lateral support rails. Naturally, our metalfree Relax solid wood beds are the best choice.

The Relax Naturflex bed system will give you the relaxation you need as it resilient at the shoulders and the pelvis,supports the other zones of the body, thus providing special relief for your back muscles. Depending on the individual build and needs of your body,you can take out the bottom hardwood lamellas in the shoulder and pelvic areato reduce counter pressure. You thusachieve perfect resting comfort. Naturflex is a slatted frame consisting of 42 hardwood lamellas (9 mm thick), of which 17 hardwood lamellas are arranged in the shoulder and the pelvic area (5.5 mm thick) that are supported by durable elastic latex elements. Naturflex is a slatted frame consisting of 42 hardwood lamellas (9 mm thick), of which 17 hardwood lamellas are arranged in the shoulder and the pelvic area (5.5 mm thick) that are supported by durable elastic latex elements.