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Sleep problem solutions from Perfect Sleeper Mattress

Serta has joined forces with the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) to design the all-new Perfect Sleeper®, the only official mattress of the National Sleep Foundation, engineered to help solve 5 common sleep problems: tossing & turning, lack of support, sleeping too hot or too cold, partner disturbance, and mattress roll-off or sag.

Now, Serta has redesigned our Perfect Sleeper mattresses with all-new comfort and support features, bringing you more advanced mattress technology at affordable prices. Plus, our two top collections offer mattresses that are compatible with the Serta Motion Essentials™ Adjustable Foundation. Serta, the makers of Perfect Sleeper Mattress, is releasing a new collection. The new designs will take into account the inputs coming from the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) that should address common sleep problems usually attributed to the mattress. These include the following: back pains due to improper or lack of support constant tossing and turning bothersome bed temperature disturbance because of a partner’s movement mattress sagging and deterioration The mattress designs come with SmartSurface with MicroSupport gel for comfort, support, balance and temperature regulation.

Serta and the NFS have long been working together to promote good sleep among consumers, with Serta coming up with good products, while NFS taking care of education and awareness. Shoppers who are looking for this mattress at Serta’s stores should look for the designated seal that has “Only Official Mattress of the National Sleep Foundation” stamped on it. Buying the mattress will also have shoppers receiving the NSF’s Guide to Sleeping Well booklet.