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Sleep is the key for productivity

Workload, stress and mind forcing problems cause insomnia. Insufficient and defected sleep cause series of problems including simple nonconcentration, non-productivity, fatal accidents in traffic or at work place.

Sufficient amount of quality sleep is a key for better performance of workers. “With symptoms of tiredness, energy loss, anxiety, attention and concentration defects and memory loss insomnia is a frequent problem for adults,” says neurology doctor Melek Kandemir of Bayindir Icerenkoy Hospital and emphasizes the importance of better sleep. Defined as an indispensable process for organisms when it regenerates itself and organizes information learned.

Dr. Melek Kandemir warns about the hazards of insufficient sleep. “Insomnia, fatigue, weakness, feeling of collapse, anxiety, cognitive function impairment, daytime sleepiness, loss of motivation, energy and activeness decrease due to a lack of sleep leads to situations such as tension and anxiety about sleep. In some patients, headaches, digestive system complaints can be seen. Chronic insomnia can lead to reduced quality of life, accidents at work an in traffic.”

Additionally, psychiatric disorders, such as sleep problems, depression and anxiety disorders are associated with an increased susceptibility to problems. Kandemir reminds that lead to the emergence of diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and hypertension. Emphasizing the importance “sleep hygiene” for adequate and quality sleep, Kandemir says, “Please review the comfort of your room, time to sleep, living conditions, smoking, and how often you use the stimulants such as coffee and cigarette. If problems related to sleep and sleep disorders do persist, consult with an expert.”

Stress, unresolved issues that engage the mind, business or private life issues emerges as the main reasons for insomnia in many people. Especially, for working people labor intensity, lesser time to rest while at home because of the childcare and other responsibilities, time for sleep lessens and caused insufficient sleep. Dr. Kandemir, also briefly explains other factors that cause insomnia: “Restless leg syndrome makes it difficult to fall asleep at night can lead to intrasleep awakes. In the periodic leg movements during sleep, problems with breathing, sleeping, walking-talking, nightmares, sleep behavior disorder, sleep disorders, sleep-related eating disorders, and others reduce sleep quality and prevent us to go to sleep. In addition, especially mothers’ sleep is often divided by their babies due to the child’s sleep problems.”