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Silver invites you for a comfortable sleep

“We are in the furniture business since 2007. However, we are more experienced than this history because this business is a heritage from our grandfather,” says Murat Teker, Board Member of Cardin Concept Furniture Co., while he introduces his company.

“We grew up too fast in a short time. Our first aim is to make Cardin Concept Furniture a global brand. We have also some distributions in abroad. We export to 30 countries including North Africa, Turkic Republics, Middle East and Europe. Furthermore, our products are sold at 65 point in Turkey. We want to improve our brands and increase the number of corner stores and export activities in the future.

“Beside home furniture we produce different kind of beds. One of them is Silver. It’s a full orthopedic bed. With it’s this structure it protects your spine. The bed also has a antibacterial fabric feature. For a confortable sleep high density feather and foam roller was used on the surface. In addition to this from both side 1200 grams of hard felt was used on the bed. Silver bed is very healthy for your spine.

“Everybody needs a bed, but the correct bed is bought from Cardin Concept Furniture. Get a comfortable sleep with Silver bed.”