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Right Mattress Protects Your Spine

Seems to be difficult to choose the best, deciding on a right mattress is not so hard. You should seek the best for your spine.

 An expert in physiotherapy and rehabilitation, MD Ferid Ekimler Suslu say, “The ideal product for your spine is the one that keep your natural body lines by supporting every part of the body.” She cautions about several points while deciding on a mattress, some of them are:

  • Softer beds may force natural form and curves and cause harm on some muscles.
  • Harder mattresses may cause injury and hardness of muscles or back pains.
  • Neither hard nor soft ones arenot good for daily use. It should be in the middle.
  • Mattresses made of visco materials may be advised because they balance both the pressure and heat distribution on body.
  • Pocket spring system mattresses are good for spouse having different forms and weighs.
  • Those products that are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal fabrics are advised.
  • Mattresses made of natural materials may support natural curves of body and can be used for more years.
  • Size of the bed is important, it should be 20 cm. longer that the tall of the people and at least 95 cm. wide.
  • For kids special mattresses should be bought


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