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Primus Betten grows in Germany and becomes an example for the world

Regarding every location they reached as target market, A&E Primus Betten, a consumer focused company, grows by producing in Germany. We talked with Aynur Erman, general manager of Ersan Madeni Eşya company on their Primus Betten and Smartrest products.

What do you do as Primus Betten brand?

A&E Primus Betten is a limited company established in Germany. Production was made in Ersan Madeni Esya company. We try to establish a brand equity in Germany. It was founded in 2014.

Does it have a relation with SmartRest?

Yes, We use the mechanisms produced by Smartrest are used in Primus Betten’s finished products. They are sophisticated mechanisms and it is nice to see them as completed finished products. Those foreign firms who do not test our mechanisms, decide to buy them after the saw them in finished products.

How many distributors do you have?

By now we have six distributors. We will have distributors in China soon. This is so valuable for us. We are growing with secure steps. We are selective by having new sellers. We aim to have our own sales outlets. Delivery of our products to China has started.

What are your target markets where mattresses consumption rates are high in the world?

Actually, we do not focus on certain regions as target markets. Every location that we have an access is a target market for our products.  

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