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POWER SLEEP , new feelings of a quality sleep

Power Sleep is Taiwanese company established for the improvement of sleep barrier so as to achieve new sensation of perfect sleep.

Power Sleep is a product based on the cooperation of sleep medicine between Elza Company of Germany and Greensweet of Taiwan, and it is “the technology brand of professional sleepmedicine” noted for priority of German workmanship. The company has made use of scientific knowledge in order to achieve the objective of health through sleep.

The company has persisted with ceaseless innovation, sparing no effort on the way to improvement for sleep barrier so that bed will no longer stay with the functions of sleep and reading. They have turned bed to achieve the function of effective exercise as well as physiological detection management in sleep! Until today, the inventions they have included are spine simulation estimation photography system; soft electronic pressure detection of mattress perception system; pillow measurement method based on cervical vertebra; pillow that improves snore of sleep profile: plastic-mold pillow; pillow that can change smell upon emotion; sleep exercise system of moving bed for body cycle; and sleep physiology detection and management service system.

Power Sleep has made use of the most advanced soft electronic pressure detection system from the world to help you experience the special mattress unique for you in real-time, and exploited the most quality raw materials and supplies around the globe in combination of hundred-year workmanship of Germany to customize the mattress uniquely for you. Power Sleep attended IMM Fair held in Cologne in January this year and displayed soft electronic pressure detection system and snort-stoppage pillow, and welcomed professionals coming from Germany, the US, Japan, Israel, Thailand, Taiwan and others many others in their stand at Hall 9. Power Sleep employs raw materials of the finest quality around the world, for instances, organic cotton imported by Cramer Company of Germany, anti-mite antibacterial cotton imported by Fillwell Company of Ireland, horse hair, llama wool, and sheep wool imported by Enkev Company of Netherlands, andindependent spring imported by Argo Company of Germany. Besides, thevendor manufacturer of Power Sleep has especially assigned the independent spring made by Spuhl Company of Swiss, natural latex imported by Latexco Company of Belgium, glue imported by Simalfa Company of Swiss, sisal imported from Sri Lanka, latex pillow imported from the US, and electric bed-seat imported from Elza of Germany, and others like yak quilt, llama quilt, wool quilt, wool pillow, and wool blanket, and so on.