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Pleasant sleep with My Sleep


Discovering the happiness in sleep with chocolate scent fabrics My Sleep exhibited them at furniture fair in Kayseri


Changed its name Alfabed into My Sleep two years ago, the firm offers healthy and durable orthopedic products that were enriched by new mattresses made of aromatic fabrics. Mahmut Ozmihci, sales and marketing manager of the firm, informed sincerely about his company during our visit in K-Mob fair.


Pointing out that they have started their branding activities two years ago, he said, “We have 20 years of experience in base manufacturing and we have been producing mattresses as well for 14 years under Alfabed brand. Now we keep going our voyage as My Sleep name.

“We emphasize on quality while producing healthy, durable and orthopedic mattresses and on the importance of customer satisfaction. We always use A quality healthy fabrics in the production, among them are fabrics that are produced by nanotechnology to collect static electric of the body and aromatic fabrics at the forefront.”


Ozmihci has told that chocolate scent fabrics are special and said, “One of the characteristics of this fabric is that it keeps its sensitivity to the temperature of body for two years. They take the heat of the body away and beyond 33-centigrade degree of temperature it releases the aroma of chocolate and instigate the secretion of hormones of happiness to add pleasure to sleep experience. Since the level of scent was moderated it does not cause any nuisance. We have also other alternatives for fabrics such as the one that prevent static electricity with its ion-assisted texture.”


He said, “People are now become more conscious to have healthy and durable products. Visitors that we met during the fair have shown a great interest toward better products for qualified sleep experiences. We are happy with this trend. Our products are sold to 10 countries including the ones in Middle East, Georgia, Ukraine and Germany.”


In conclusion he said, “Let the right people prefer to buy the right products sold at the right price from the right sellers.”


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