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Patented CoolFlow technology brought to Turkey by Isbir

 Isbir bed company keep launching alternatives for perfect sleep. Lately, CoolFlow beds are for doubles whose weighs, sizes and sleep positions are different.

 CoolFlow is designed for maximum air ventilation and for custom comfort for spouses. It has a new spring system that provides every detail for a perfect sleep. Packaged springs is made of three layers  each can be arranged for the changing needs of people as measured by their height and elasticity.

When laid down on CoolFlow beds, first the highest springs are activated then smaller ones are pressesd. Thanks to the cooperation between various sizes of springs the best support is provided to produce better sleeping conditions.

The use of different size of springs also makes it possible for wider channels of airflow. The spaces between spring packages have improve the circulation. Natural flow of air in the bed also prevents overheating in bed and provides a cooler environment. It also prevents perspiration during sleep.

The product has four fold more spring than standard beds. This means more support for spine and more comfort. In a 160X200 cm bed, the most preferred size, it has 2876 springs in it. (860 spring per sqm.) In standard beds are 695 springs (220 spring per sqm.)