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Mude Metal patented its first unmounted base

Solving the problems of transportation with a unique way, Mude Metal company now offers new products in 2016. Chairman of the company, Mustafa Cetinarastaci informed about their patented solution and planned launching of new products.

On the start of the company

I have personally assumed several positions in the leading furniture companies in Turkey for about 25 years. In 2013 I decided to establish our own firm and to add my experiences in the production, selling and service stages to the national economy and to the city of Kayseri. In three years the company has become a supplier of bases demanded by producers in Turkey having a 30% share.

On production policy and peculiarity of the companymude metal2

As a result of our efforts that are focused on customer satisfaction, we decided to have a brand to sell our products in export markets. Our Sanatde brand is registered for this aim. The most important point in this brand is that we design products with an objective to reduce their sizes, their weights and their transportation by offering them un-mounted to our buyers. First we developed the first un-mounted base and we applied for its patent.

On the patented product and its practicality

The design has reduced the height of the base from its normal size of 35 cm. to 12 centimeter. We believe that the solution will bring us and to our country several additional utilities and values. It is a great solution and added value to our national economy that reduces the costs of transportation, delivery and assembly by one third. Another point in this regard is that, since the product is made of de-mounted parts, every harms during transportation and servicing can be reclaimed easily and practically.

On export markets

Our products are exported mostly to European countries. Germany and France were our first export markets. In the years ahead, we will be in Algeria, Azerbaijan, Nahcivan and Iraq.

On the year 2015 and targets for 2016

2015 was a year of research and development. Results of these activities will be seen in 2016 when our products have met with their buyers and customers. We are hopeful for the year 2016.

Other products such as tables, chairs, at various sizes will be added to our main product the un-mounted bases next year. We try to be an extraordinary company.

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