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Most expensive beds of the world

A person spends a third of his or her life sleeping. This big portion of a life deserves the best treatment according to many people. So, there are some people who make the most of that time by spending a ridiculous amount of money on an
extravagant bed?

Each supremely expensive bed is luxurious in its own way, and almost anyone will find one of these beds most desirable. To some, it is an exaggeration to spend this much money for a bed, however, the wealthier people prefer
the other way.

Following is a little list of some samples of this type of beds. Parnian Furniture Bed – over $210,000 Parnian Furniture Bed is one of the most expensive beds in the world right now. It is much like a work of art. This one is the handiwork of furniture designer Abdolhay Parnian who worked for two years to design this particular bed. The bed is both visually exciting and feature-laden. With the help of an experienced staff of industrial designers, interior designers, architects, and craftsmen, Parnian can offer endless possibilities of custom-designed furniture in a diverse spectrum of finishes, a wide assortment of exotic woods, and different textures. Jado Steel Style Gold Bed – $676,550 Jado Steel Style, US-based luxury product maker developed its golden brand Golden Bed, which is coated with 24-carat gold and adorned with

Swarovski crystals. The Jado Steel designers and craftsmen can customize the bed according to the demand of the customers. The bed is also equipped with a DVD player and a top-of-the-line Bose sound system, a Blu-ray player, a PlayStation 3, a foldaway gold-coated plasma TV which can also be connected to the Net, of course. Magnetic Floating Bed – $1.6 million Permanent opposing industrialstrength magnets allow the bed to float around 1.3 feet off the flor while holding almost 2,000 lbs. Designed by Dutchman Janjaap Ruijssenaars, it’s got enough magnets to keep 900 kilograms floating in the air. To make sure that the bed doesn’t float away should it become windy, it’s tethered to the walls by four cables. This aesthetically pleasing technology could also be applied to other areas in home furnishings like coffee tables, ofas, and Japanese dining tables.

How cool would it be to eat sushi and drink sake off a floating table?

Baldacchino Supreme – $6.35 million A collaboration between designers Stuart Hughes and Hebanon by F.Ili Basile Interiors, the design of the Baldacchino Supreme luxury bed boasts nothing but pure royalty as well. The team developed the world’s most exclusive bed: the Baldacchino Supreme. This luxurious bed is handmade of 107 kg of solid 24 carat gold and it features small decorative applications which resemble gold leafs. This unique bed has a structure made from chestnut wood and curving ash wood with a canopy with edges in cherry wood. The lacquered and sponge batted bed also features the world’s finest Italian silk and cotton with flame retardant certification.