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Mobile beds as a space-saving cooler solution

These beds perform multifunctional tasks, as they are not just sleeping space options, they can also accommodate more space, thus providing more convenience for a small bedroom.

Young Adults’ Solution:

The first steps in an active life, like the departure from parents’ house to a student room, are quite difficult. The first difficult sacrifice is to adapt yourself to a reduction of the usual floor. But Espace Loggia understood this problem and proposes some design, beautiful and convenient solutions.

The mobile bed allows dynamism for small spaces and let free room on the so it become a huge space of games, reception or work. As the mobile bed is hanging by the wall or the ceiling, Espace Loggia transforms a simple room in a real bedroom convenient and pleasant.

Espace Loggia wants to be innovating, smart and pragmatic, however, the company cares for a traditional and upmarket model ethic. Every one of Espace products are made in France and the company offers 20 colors of choice in 3 sidelines of natural woods. Espace Loggia answers to your needs and realizes custom built projects according to your wishes and the space of your rooms which can be converted. Espace Loggia can change your life’s quality in your small flat which would finally become a room of peace and full of functionalities.

The beds are designed, through the help of electrical support beams, to rise up and level down as needed. On days when they are not in use, those beds can be slowly tucked away from view, revealing other furniture and items in the room. The company’s futuristic bedding solution is controlled by remote, and is an updated version of the 1960′s Murphy Bed. The price may be a bit steep compared to buying a conventional mattress. But in a house where space is a problem, this will turn out to be a practical solution.