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MEKAN, always popular

Ali Caglayan, who founded Mekan Yatak (Mattress) Company in 1982, made a three-year interval on his works because of the major earthquake which hit Turkey in 1999. He started to renew the construction in 2001 and reentered the sector at the end of 2002 by putting Mekan brand into the sub-brands of Imaj Tekstil Inc. Pointing out that they recorded big progress because of product quality and right marketing strategies, Ali Caglayan said, “We will reinforce our mission which we built up on limitless quality limitless service understanding by making new investments. Caglayan answered our questions on their operations:

Would you brief us about your firm Mekan Yatak?

Established in 1982, Mekan Yatak continued its operation under the control of my family until 1999 earthquake. We led the way to impose mattress culture to our society and we managed to get the brand name Mekan memorized in minds. Getting hit 99% at the earthquake we had to give an interval of three years to our activities. We restarted with Mekan name in 2002. We are one of the most leading establishments in the Turkish mattress industry with the quality and special materials we use in all of our product groups. Having a wide range of products, our company has managed to get maximum customer satisfaction. We offer some of our production to domestic market; through regional directorates in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmit, Bursa, Eskisehir and Samsun, and through the network we established in other cities. Managed to be a market preferred by the tourism industry, too, our brand has been a name not only preferred in Turkey but by many hotels in foreign countries as well with our quality, durable and economical product groups.

What type of mattresses do you produce? What are the features of your products?

We mainly produce Bonel pocket system mattresses but we also have visco and organic mattresses. Besides, we produce standard cases, cabinet sets, headboards and bedsteads

Where do you get the materials you use at production?

Generally we supply them from the domestic market. By figures, we buy 80% from domestic market and 20% from foreign markets.

Do you have any innovative product?

We place extra importance on using natural materials in our products. Kashmir, wool, cotton, silk and mattress covers woven from natural yarns are good examples for this.

Do you have an R&D department? How are your R&D works processing?

We have an R&D team of 5 people whom one is an industrial engineer in our R&D department. We are trying to develop products with our strong knowhow combined with technology with no concession from the basic values of our firm. We also have a goal of being the leading company in Turkey and in international market. We have a mission to offer the most appropriate design, solution and service support in home textiles.

Which countries do you export? What are your production and export capacities?

We are exporting periodically to 8 countries mainly to the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Iraq an Kenya. We have a sales network of almost 600 points including the regional dealers and subdealers of Imaj Group nationwide. Required investment and latest technology have provided by our company to reach all of these goals. I believe that we will be a continuously developing family with all sales points and consumers at this trip. Chasing after latest trends we target to be a world company ever growing product varieties. We produce average 400- 450 mattresses, 200-250 cabinet case, 125-130 hotel type case, 75-100 bedsteads daily. We export 15% of these products and 85% are sold in domestic market.

Can you specify your new investments?

Our major target is to widen our sales network. We established two regional directorates, one in European and one in Asian side of Istanbul, 3 in Ankara and 4 in East Marmara. Our machinery assembly and automation works are continuing in our factory to meet increasing demand in line with this sales network.

Can you evaluate the Turkish mattress industry with a future vision?

We are living in an emerging and very dynamic country. We are developing in every field including new constructions, hotels, public houses, etc. If we work right and can keep pace to the conditions, we won’t be facing any serious difficulties in the next decade