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Maison&Objet Paris celebrates twenty years of home design

4,1MAISON&OBJET PARIS came into being twenty years ago to open the doors to new market and business opportunities for designers, craftspeople, manufacturers, brands and distributors from the diverse decor and design sectors.

This anniversary show, held from Friday 23 to Tuesday 27 January 2015, pulsed with a vibrant dynamic that confirms the relevance of this five-point focus. These leitmotifs have allowed MAISON&OBJET PARIS to build a multifaceted identity and lifestyle that is unrivalled anywhere in the world

“After 20 years of change and growth, MAISON&OBJET PARIS now has distinctive content that unfailingly stirs a growing 4international community into action. Our ambition is to keep pace with market changes by offering a unique platform for dialogue, encounters, business and information, to be a catalyst for all those in design who enjoy gathering in Paris twice a year, but now in Singapore and Miami Beach, as well. What’s more, it now seems more essential than ever to give visitors the chance to savor incomparable experiences, and we do this by giving carte blanche to top design talents, as is done in this show’s special sections by the teamLab group and Nendo,” said Philippe Brocart, Managing Director of SAFI, the MAISON&OBJET event organizer. The next rendezvous of the prestigious event will be at 4-8 September 2015, in Paris.