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LG bed cleaners, the best tool to get rid of allergens

LG Bed Cleaning Vacuum Cleaner removes allergens & dust from your beds & mattresses effectively. With this tool you can ensure your family stays in a healthy & hygienic environment.

It removes the ticks and hairs inside the bed with motion vibration, powerful suction power and soft rotation brush. Powered with 2 high performing HEPA filters which trap small dust particles that may cause problems for allergy sufferers and others with health problems. Reducing or eliminating those particles will make air cleaner inside home.


After the cleaning of the bedding the UV lamp inside the station sterilizes harmful bacteria at the bottom of the cleaner to prevent secondary contamination. This becomes all the more imperative in houses where there are small kids who are quite susceptible to such infections. It is light weight, hence can be easily operated by the homemaker without putting much effort. Available in an attractive silver color giving sturdy looks. Convenient and safe touch sensor handle means that the power automatically goes into standby state when you are doing something else for a while during the cleaning. Moreover, this feature is also useful in cases, where the on/off button is inadvertently pressed by a child or an adult.


It has one touch dustbin separation that can be separated with simple operation. It enables the customer to clean & dispose- off the dust / allergens easily.