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ISTIKBAL aims top-three in the world

İstikbalAs one of the leading brands in Turkey Istikbal Mobilya has a major target to be one of top-three names in the world by 2023.

Rendering services through over 850 domestic and 300 exclusive stores in 50 countries worldwide, Istikbal Mobilya has been on the way to go to its major target set for 2023. Pointing out that they opened 4 stores in countries as France, Germany and Switzerland on one day, Mustafa Büyükkatırcı, Marketing Manager of Istikbal said that they have been successfully continuing on the way to be one of the first three companies in the sector in the world adding that they had started with a target to open 30 new stores this and that they had already finished halfway. Buyukkatırcı underlined that they would continue their investments to hit the major target. He answered Sleep Well’s questions for details of their success story:

First of all, would you share your thoughts on the latest developments taking place in the mattress industry during these past few years? How have these developments affected Istikbal?

We can easily say that the mattress industry in Turkey is a fast growing industry with Kayseri being the dominating city of the mattress market. It would be acceptable to say that Kayseri is one of the important trend makers of this market. The mattress industry is growing and developing day by day, with R&D activities gaining increasing prominence. As Istikbal, we believe we contribute to this market’s development as well.

We’ve been hearing a lot about one of the latest products to be introduced by Istikbal, called “IQ Comfort”. As one of the leading brands in the mattress industry, what are some of the special features you’ve presented with your products? What kind of reactions have you gathered from consumers with this type of product?

Our starting point in the mattress industry is to present choices that help each person chooses the right mattress for themselves, for continuous and comfortable sleep… Our latest mattress series, IQ, was designed to provide maximum comfort for all types of sleepers. The special spring technology IQ mattress provides the right support for your body with all sleep positions. IQ mattresses, made with Cooler fabric help balance body heat to provide maximum comfort all through sleep.

With 300 stores and over 5 thousand sales points all over the world, Istikbal is well placed with concept stores. What is the basis of your overseas strategies in the upcoming term? Are there any new markets that you’re considering a launch in?

With over 50 years’ experience behind us, today Istikbal is Turkey’s leading furniture brand. We reach out to consumers around the world with 300 exclusive stores in 50 countries and 850 stores reaching every corner of Turkey. In 2013 we set a goal for our Istikbal brand, to become one of the top three furniture manufacturers in the world by 2023. Carefully planned strategies, new store openings and engaging consumers the world over are the main activities that will carry us towards our primary goal. Today there are 66 Istikbal stores in Europe and we hope to continue growth so that we reach 100 stores in Europe by the end of 2016. Just this past April, we opened 4 Istikbal stores on the same day in France, Germany and Switzerland.

There’s been a lot of news about new investments in the domestic market. Are there any similarly planned investments for overseas? What is the expected growth with new investments?

Just as in the domestic market, there are planned overseas investments as well. Each store opening overseas is the result of strenuous work and major investments. I can say that we are well on our way to reaching 30 new store openings for 2015.