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Invisible threats in hotel rooms


Cleanliness is the number one factor for customer satisfaction for hotels. Fast circulation of people in these facilities increases the risk of mites in mattresses, upholstery, floor covers and carpet. Maratem, a brand of Eczacibasi Professional, provides long-term protection of the hygiene in the living spaces with its Anti-Mite product.


283229DC00000578-3063876-image-a-18_1430471142692Mites are small livings of 0.1 to 0.5 mm sizes that can be seen only under microscope.  60-70 % humidity and 20 to 30 centigrade degrees of temperature are ideal conditions for the proliferation of mites. Dead cells of skin, hair, and other organic wastes are the foods for the mites, which like warm and humid points, as in the mattresses.

Mites are of three types, those which bites, those that causes scabies, and dust mites. Among the major hazards of mites for human health are, chronic rinit, nasal discharge and sneezing, itching, red dots on skin, allergic asthma, fast and shortness of breathe.

Mattresses are ideal coverns for mites which hides beneath the linens, and fed by dead cells of the humans. They even found in the furniture, upholstery, pillows and carpets. The linens, bed and pillow covers in hotels are ideal for these parasites.

Some facts about mites may startle most of the people among them are:

People waste 3.6 kg dead cells annually on the average, perfect food for mites.

Any common mattress may contains 100 thousand to 2 million mites.

One gram of dust, may host one thousand mites that produce 250 thousand feces.

100 thousand mites can live in one square meters of carpet.

Depending on its age, a mattress may host one to ten millions of mites in it, each produces about one thousand allergens in its 80 days of life.

The weigh of a mattress may be doubled in ten years.  A pillow becomes heavier 10% annually due to the feces of mites.

100 thousand to ten million mites can be found on bed sheets.

There are more fungi on any 2 years old pillows made of bird feathers than found on toothbrush.


Hygiene is more important in hotels for high level of customer satisfaction. A comfortable and seamless sleep affects customer satisfaction 100 percent. There are several measures taken by hotel managers against the hazards caused by mites. One of them is to use protective chemicals on mattresses, furniture, coaches, and floor covers. A product of Eczacibasi Professional Maratem Anti-Mite helps to reduce risk of mites in hotels. Items mentioned above should be treated with this odorless and colorless material in every three months. The product is made of rubber like material having a nano cappilar core filled with active matter, akarisit that protects the item for three months.