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Innovative Visko Love

Visko Love continues developing its product range with innovative products Visco Elastic “Memory Foam” was developed in the 1960s to decrease the burden and pressure on the astronouts’ spine during their flights by NASA.

It was introduced to the industrial environment years after. Ural Grup has been producing Visco Elastic material since 1996, right after it was introduced to the common use of the public in the early 1990s. “Our company is differentiated from other companies by its qualified production system and innovative works to introduce you better products continuously,” says an official of the company.

“Our mattresses help in regulating your blood circulation, relieving joint pain, and keeping your spine straight by adjusting with your body and filling all the spaces between you and your mattress. Your sleep will not be disturbed by your movements and eventually you end up with a sound, continous sleep. Our pillows are manufactured with the same material in the same manufacturing system. Our pillows help in making the possible pains go away by supporting the neck and shoulder muscles. We suggest our products not only for people with health problems but also for anybody who wants to keep their health stable.”

Tencel Carbon
Visko Love improves its range with a brand new mattress called “Tencel Carbon” which has prominent natural features.

Natural products are added to both ticking and the visco elastic in Tencel Carbon mattress so as to increase the quality and to design a mattress which is more sensitive to the nature. The Tencel ticking consists of yarns made of eucalyptus trees which grow in the forests with FSC certificate, which indicates that the trees are provided from sustainable forests that are responsible to the environment and the society.. Thanks to these yarns the moist control happens very quickly by spreading the moist over the surface. Since it stays dry, fungi and dust mites cannot find the necessary environment to exist. Besides, it is proven (by Austuria Textile Institution) that Tencel has neutral electrostatic features. The mattress is made of 7 cm visco elastic memory foam with 70 density, and 2 cm “Bamboo Carbon” visco elastic memory foam with 60 density. The carbon made of bamboo trees enables moist control and eliminates allergens and bacteria. Besides, it creates an antistatic environment by releasing negative ions, which helps to relieve tension, stress and anxiety by balancing all those positive ions released by electronics in the home. It is 22 cm in total.