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Hurpol invest $ 2 bn for expansion

Having Ergofoam and Viscofoam brands in the production of foam for medical, furniture, textile and home textile industries, Hurpol adds new products to its portfolio. The company has recently been producing visco and jelled visco products, which are healthier for humans. Sales coordinator of the company Malik Enes Huroglu informed about a new mattress that adapts to the weight of the person customized for legs, bellies and head zones.

adamWhat have you been doing for the mattress industry?

At present, we produce orthopedic products and products heavily. We produce limited amount of mattresses as well, and we want to produce sellable varieties in stores. We want to deal with companies having repeat orders as well as individual furniture companies. We both offer semi-finished or completed products for other companies. Thus we needed more space for production and now we are expanding our factory floor by investing 2 billion dollars.

What do you have to say on exports?

We have plans for more exports, especially to countries in the region, including North Africa, Iran, Iraq, Middle East and Northern Europe. We will establish contact with retailers in these countries via our sales representatives. We offer them air channeled and jelled pillows. We increased the jell rate of this blue colored product.

What are the advantages of air channeled jelled pillows?

Air channels increase the ventilation in the product thus it removes perspiration problem. We use 1,500 gram of jell instead of 750 gram to produce a better sense of cooling. Our mattress is really special. Presently we do not consider producing cheaper mattresses. We use visco more than classical foam in this mattress. In our special mattress there are a special lining of springs with an aim to adapt its responses to various parts of body, such as legs, belly and head. We have about 45 different pillows and 4 to 5 mattresses in our product portfolio, besides special mattresses.

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