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Foods for a comfortable sleep

Overcome your sleep disorder, loose your weigh faster” says, Gizem Seber, a dietitian and a life coach

Sleeping, indispensable for humans, is a period that the body renovates itself and muscles are built and repaired.

Duration of sleep is also related with fat index and the weight of the body. It is a scientifically tested fact that the risk of obesity is higher for those who are deprived of sleep. Those who sleep 8 hours a day are losing 56 percent more fat than those who sleep 5 hours. Those who sleep less than 5 hours, gains 300 calories more than who sleep normally. Stress caused by being awake are not the only cause of energy loss, sleep deprivation may also alter the digestive balance, so they need more sweets and energy. Consumption of some certain foods and drinks may help to get enough sleep, the scientists say. The following are advised for a comfortable sleep. Drink milk, before going to sleep as your mother have done in your childhood. It helps to go to sleep easily thanks to tryptophan it contains. An amino acid, tryptophan rich foods aredried fruits, banana and honey.Carbohydrates are acting as catalyzersto maintain the maximum level of tryptophan during night. Having wrong carbohydrates consumed late in the night may cause weight. Innocent kinds should be preferred. Instead of bread
and cheese, milk and musli, yoghurt and dried fruits are healthier choices. Having light meals one to two hours
before going to sleep helps to get into sleep. Keep away heavy meals before sleep.
Prefer not fat foods. Keep away fried, braised, and fast food especially in the evenings. Since fat are digested slowly digestion continues while in sleep. That cause trouble. Overcome your sleep disorder, loose your weigh faster” says, Gizem Seber, a dietitian and a life coach. Be careful against hidden sources of caffeine. It is a historic fact that overdoses of caffeine cause sleeping problems. Besides coffee, other drinks also contains caffeine, such as black and green tea and others. Chocolate,
carbonated beverages, even decaffeinated coffee may also contain caffeine. It is better to end consumption of caffeinated drinks completely 6 hours before going to sleep. Some medicines also may contain caffeine, especially the diuretics, drugs for influenza. Check the ingredients of your drugs. You may adjust their time of intake by asking your docs. Alcoholics help to get into sleep at the beginning however they lower the sleep quality by causing perspirations, frequent awakening and nightmares. To balance the dehydration caused by alcohol, drink more water before going to sleep. Quitting alcohol as early as possible is the better.