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Craftmatic Adjustable Beds , millions of beds, millions of thanks!

Over 1,100,000 Craftmatic Adjustable Beds have been sold and enjoyed in customer bedrooms around the world with mostly thanking feedbacks. Craftmatic Beds are as durable, attractive, and comfortable. Good sleep habits and a restful sleep environment play an important role in how well you sleep. You can sleep better by developing a comfortable place to sleep.

Started the business by marketing electric adjustable beds specifically designed for use in the world’s bedrooms in 1974, Craftmatic has been in the industry for many years, and it’s quite a popular choice among the elderly. There have been many satisfied users for this adjustable bed, but also some complaints have sprung up on the internet in recent times. Of course, comfort has to be on a case-to-case basis, but for those that have been happy with their Craftmatic, the most popular choice is usually its Model 1, which comes with the Full-Body Wave Massage and a timer. The bed can be positioned through a remote control that offers many options for adjustments. Model 1 has a fast motor that doesn’t make noise when in operation, so as not to distract the person sleeping. The best thing is that there are many mattress designs to choose from for this model, with Dual Density coil spring mattress Space Age Memory Foam Latex and a Cool Top Memory Foam Design. These beds come in all standard and custom sizes.

One of the reasons why there have been over 1,100,000 Craftmatic Adjustable Beds sold is the advantage of adjustability. Craftmatic Adjustable Beds support the natural curves of your body without causing muscle strain or discomfort.

You’ll notice the Craftmatic Adjustable Bed difference immediately. Their comfort features are part of what makes the bed a place you’ll look forward to relaxing in. Elevate your head or your feet. Turn on the bed’s comforting heat and relaxing built-in massage options. As soon as you get into a Craftmatic, pick up the remote wireless or corded hand control, and elevate your head and feet into their most comfortable position — for watching TV, reading, doing needlepoint, chatting on the phone, working a crossword, accessing the internet on your laptop, doing paperwork, eating breakfast in bed, having a midnight snack, or just lying back, putting your feet up, and relaxing!

To relax even further, you can turn on the bed’s warm, comforting heat and relaxing built-in massage options. You can even go ahead, kick back, drift off into an alluring daydream, take a refreshing nap, plus get the best night’s sleep of your life.