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A closer look at the mattress industry at home and in the globe

The world mattress production is composed of %40 spring and %45 foam mattresses. The USA, China and Brazil are the top three bed producers in the world. The top three importers of beds are ranked as Germany, France and the USA. Poland, China and Belgium are the top three exporters of bed in the world respectively. Turkey is not among the top ten countries in terms of neither imports nor exports.

wrought-iron-platform-bedMattress industry in Turkey

Bed market in Turkey is composed of %95 spring and %5 foam mattresses. Investments made by individual producers in the bedding industry range between 40 thousand and 440 million dollars. There are 25 greater companies employing 50 to 500 people. When counted with all of the smaller ones there are about 400 companies in the sector. Costs of entry are relatively low in Turkey and thus the number of companies in the industry tends to increase more. However about half of the companies are so-called shadow companies producing low quality products. Producers are heavily concentrated in three provinces, Kayseri, Istanbul and Izmir, respectively.

YoungManGreyShirt_on_Ergo_0571Kayseri meet half of the total domestic production in Turkey with its about 2 million production annually. Annual bed exports accounts for about 46 million dollars. Most of the production is sold the European and Middle Eastern countries. Thanks to the labor, energy, raw materials and geographic advantages, Turkey is becoming an important center for mattress manufacturing. Industry sells about 3 million mattresses in traditional channels and 1 million mattresses in the modern channels of distribution and in individual stores of the companies. The mattress industry is expected to grow exponentially when more than thousand of hotel investments that each will have 700 to 900 beds.

Factors that hinder further development in the industry

Problems caused by shadow economy.

Even smaller companies can enter the industry easily as well as greater companies

Unfair competition is a problem.

R&D activities are highly limited and there are deficiencies in design fields.

yatak-sektörü-3There is lack of international promotional activities that limits competitive power of the industry in international arena. Mattress manufacturing is still regarded as part of furniture industry. There must be companies who produce only and especially mattresses. As for the profile of individual customers, they are still not having enough information about the importance of mattresses for their health. They use the same beds for many years. Having some health and physical problems, they do not replace their beds. They must be educated for the effects of bed in their health. In Europe, people replace their beds in two years, while it takes about 8 years to renew it.

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