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Bellona opens store in Austria

As the 112th store in abroad, and 47th in Europe, Bellona, a brand of Boydak Holding, keeps expanding in distribution by offering functional products in the world. The new store is located in the center of Wien. Board member Bekir ...

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Isbir Yatak Opens 30 Sleep Centers İn Abroad

With incentives provided under brand support program, the company invest has invested in 20 countries in four years and opened 30 centers abroad. Aiming to improve their awareness in Europe and in Middle East, marketing manager of Arzu Copur informed ...

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Yataş Keeps İncreasing Sleep Comfort

Yatas keeps going on to offer its beds to its prospects developed by research activities. One of the brands remembered in the mattress industry, Yatas produces beds most suited to the profile of Turkish people. For more sleep comfort, the ...

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Thermo Rest Mattress By Yataş Bedding To Keep First Day Comfort For Years

An experienced expert in sleep products Yataş developed “Thermo Rest” which assures a long lasting, quality and comfortable sleep. Offering new technologies in mattress and sleep products, Yataş has already become the favorite name with its Thermo Rest mattresses which ...

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Naturepedic Goes “Beyond Certified”

Naturepedic is ready for Las Vegas Market in July, an industry show where companies showcase their latest and greatest offerings in furniture, home décor and gifts. To see surprising offerings of Naturepedic, visit booth C-1565. The biannual Las Vegas Market ...

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