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Carpenter launches ErgoSmart Line of mattress toppers

Carpenter Co., the world leader in bedding material, has debuted a line of mattress toppers employing the Isotonic ErgoSmart trademarked technology.

The company has developed a complete assortment of mattress toppers with foam  nodules that move in four directions, providing a continuum of support and comfort no matter the movement or position of the sleeper. The product has been developed to cater to a variety of needs by consumers.

According to a release, the unveiling of Isotonic® ErgoSmart™, the product brand name for the new technology, was the source of intense buzz among retailers and industry watchers at the New York Home Fashions Market a few weeks ago. So much so, Carpenter Co. is expecting coast-to-coast retail presence for the new line when it is fully rolled out this year.

“ErgoSmart™ is the future of sleep technology” said Dan Schecter, senior vice president of consumer products at Carpenter Co. “We were able to create a line of toppers that respond to the wide variety of movements and positions of the body, resists sheer forces and features Channel Air Ventilation – it’s light-years ahead of other sleep technologies.”

Carpenter Co. has invested heavily in research and development at its Reinhart Technical Center, the largest and most technologically advanced laboratory for comfort cushioning products in the world. For ErgoSmart™, Tech Center scientists were able to create a 4-dimentional sleep system that moves with the body no matter what position and its unique design reduces sheer force. The assortment of toppers also features Cool Channel Ventilation™, which disperses body heat, keeping the toppers cool and are made with foam formulated with IsoFresh™, a new chemistry that is an
odor neutralizing system. ErgoSmart™ mattress toppers will ship to retailers of SleepBetter products immediately.

Carpenter Co. is the largest manufacturer of comfort cushioning products in the world. It is the world’s largest maker of polyurethane foam and the leading processor of polyester fiber for the bedding industry. The Richmond, Va.-based company manufactures a wide variety of polyurethane foam and polyester fiber products, all designed to make the world more comfortable. The Carpenter Co. Consumer Products Division offers a dynamic line of trusted products, including Isotonic®, AmbientTM and IsoCool™ by Isotonic® pillows, mattress pads and neck pillows as well as comfort technologies like Avena™ and Avela™ and new technologies like IsoFresh™.