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Big Investment from BED LINE

BED LINE made an investment worth 2 million TL in order to raise the capacity of production and manufacture products of higher quality.

BED LINE has been manufacturing beds since 2006. BED LINE has three main product groups; bed, mattresses and headboard. For home textile group, company offers products in mattress protector, duvet and pillow groups. It is underlined that the company generally exports to Europe region and Middle East and especially manufactures boutique products.

Target: 100 Stores
It is emphasized that the company had a domestic and foreign production capacity of 15 thousand pieces in total and an investment worth 2 million TL had been made in order to raise the capacity of production and manufacture products of higher quality. It is told that the company, having an aim of retail sales in Istanbul as well, was intending to have opened 100 stores in 2013.

It is remarked that the company provided raw material from the companies in Turkey. In this context, since the company mainly sells visco beds, it is indicated that the company primarily purchased visco and other sponge groups. It is also informed that the company purchased profile, leather, mdf and spring set.

Natural Cotton Products
It is underlined that the new products were developed by the R&D department and officers, who directly communicate with the customers, direct the production in accordance with their requests. The company, caring about customers’ touch with the bed, is said to prefer natural cotton products in the beds.

According to the company caring much about the young population in Turkey, the bed sector of the country has a bright future ahead thanks to those who do understand and care about healthy sleep. The company is also said to have a target of contributing to Turkey’s economy and employment for the year 2013.