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Beyzan Tekstil aims to make ‘Narda Mattress’ a well-known brand 3D fabric technology

Narda, has now several different types of mattresses, mattress toppers and pad, all of which contain 3D spacer fabrics.

Company manager Ozan Mahir indicated their sales target in both domestic and export markets, and made the following explanations about Narda Mattresses:

Narda is the name for the special technology developed by Beyzan Tekstil for the production of mattresses which  enables making assembly without using chemical adhesives. Narda mattresses are manufactured by cutting the specially designed foam geometry in CNC cutting machines and using the modular assembly technique without the necessity to use chemical adhesives. With this technique, multiple layers of high density foam and 3D fabric are fixed to each other.

3D spacer fabric shows a mechanical spring behaviour and also provides high degree of air and liquid permeability. 3D spacer fabric is antibacterial and does not allow bacteria to grow inside it. The fabric keeps its spring feature for long years, after 10 years of use it still holds 95% of the spring effect within. One its most important features is that it distributes the pressure applied on a point to wider areas. For a mattress, this provides a unique sleep comfort, because pressure is relieved from the human body .

Thanks to the efficient air circulation, thermal comfort is provided during sleep, the excess heat and moisture of the body is dissipated. Increase of temperature and humidity inside the mattress is prevented. Thus, growth of bacteria, microbes, mildew and other harmful microorganisms is prevented. With this construction which provides hygienic safety, the mattress remains clean even after long periods of use and no odour is formed within it.

One of the significant complaints of latex or memory foam mattress users is that the mattress gets hot too quickly. This happens due to the heat transfer behaviour of latex and memory foam. The solution comes with 3D fabrics. If the latex or memory foam layer is combined with one or more layers of 3D fabric, the necessary air circulation is efficiently provided. This means that latex or memory foam mattress users will no longer need to complain about getting hot too quickly or perspiration during sleep.

Narda, has now several different types of mattresses, mattress toppers and pads, all of which contain 3D spacer fabrics.