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“If your bed is not right, you may harm your spine”

One third of our lives are spent in sleep, thus choosing right mattress becomes important for our spine health especially in the long run. Wrong mattresses may cause belly and  back aches that may be worsened in time. Cagatay Ozturk, associate professor in orthopedics and traumatology, advised people to use orthopedic mattresses if they do not want to have problems.


Cagatay OzturkOzturk says that a good mattress is to be as hard as to prevent the embedding of body in the mattress and be as comfortable as to keep the original form of their bodies, because, extremely softer or harder  mattresses than normal can force spine in long term. He adds that the best mattress for the health of spine is the one that has a form that minimizes the pressure on discs and spines. He said, “We have to protect our spinal bones both in sleep as well as we protect them day time. If it is so soft or hard it forces the normal posture of the people and the form of spine. Thus, we have to choose the right mattress  consciously. To lay down on bad mattress may cause aches in belly and spine in the long run. Later on, this leads to irreversible damages in the body. For this reason, orthopedic mattresses should be preferred.”

Ozturk has also said that, the mattresses must be as large as possible, because smaller mattresses may lower the sleep quality. The size of the mattress must be 20 cm longer than the height of the people, and at least 95 cm wide. It must keep the body right and support every part of the body in balance.


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