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Another historical success from Evteks: beds and more…

Visited by 118 thousand Professional of whom about 40 thousand were foreign guests, Evteks, the largest home textile fair in Turkey attracted great interest. It was regarded as a pretest for Istanbul’s nomination for 2020 Olympiads.

In the recent events of Evteks, latest developments in home textile industry were exhibited for both domestic and foreign visitors and representatives of various sectors. About one thousand domestic and international companies participated in the event and visitors from over 50 countries were attracted. During five days, about 120 thousand, of whom 40 thousand were foreigners, visited the fair.

Hotels in Istanbul and even some private homes around the fair venue hosted the visitors.

The fair was organized jointly by CNR International Fair Organizations, TETSIAD, Association of Home Textile Industrialists and Businessmen. Laid over 160 thousand sqm area, in 11 halls, companies from Spain, Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, England, Greece, Holland, Switzerland, Poland, Azerbaijan, the USA, UAE, Egypt, Iran, Morocco, Russia, India, Pakistan, China, Taiwan and KKTC were major exhibitors. Spain, Italy, Belgium and Morocco participated in the fair with their national pavilions. Visitors has come from 50 countries. Buyers have put great amount of orders following their experiences in the event. It was expected that the visitors have spend times more of regular tourists in accommodation and catering services.

Theme of the fair, where the major trends of the coming year were set, was “discover” this year. Trends that were forecast by Nelly Rodi, a French trend watching agency, were introduced at the fair.

World famous design studios from France, England, Germany, the USA and Switzerland exhibited their Works at Designist section of the fair. The seminars given by them were also attracted great interest of visitors. Tulles, draperies, embroideries, fabrics for upholstery, accessories, bed room products, towels, bathrobes, kitchen textiles, floor and wall coverings, and blind mechanisms were among the products exhibited during the fair.