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26 Comfort and aesthetic combined!

Kar-As, a reliable company based in Kayseri Organized Industry Zone, and active in manufacturing of mattress springs, has been exporting its quality products. Shipping to many countries like Germany, the UK, Belgium, Georgia and Romania, Kar-As Company’s motto is “Quality and Aesthetics are combined!” Mr. Sevket Arslan, Export Manager of Kar-As responded our questions:

Could you give us information about Kar-As?

Kar-as started doing business in Kayseri, Turkey in 1995. Today, with more than 100 employees, we are exporting to many European and Middle-Eastern countries. Even though we are celebrating our 18th anniversary, we still feel young as if we were established a few days ago. Hence, we are doing our best to look for new markets, new customers, and new ways to grow our business and move forward.

Could you tell us your product range in the bed sector?

In the bedding industry, almost all of our products are related to the European culture. These can be summarized as pocket spring units, boxspring sets and adjustable electric beds. These are the most common products that we export to Europe. When it comes to the domestic market, I can say that bonnell springs, bed bases and mattresses are selling in high demand. To be the leading company in the bedding industry, you have to be producing any type of products for any country. This is because; every country has its own sleeping culture. If you solve and understand the sleeping culture of every country, you will be successful in the industry. I strongly believe that we have spent a lot of time to figure this out. And, now, we have more than 100 kinds of products, providing solutions to all sleeping cultures around the world.

Where do you provide the material for bedsprings and textile products? Do you import materials?

Most of the raw materials of our products are already being produced in Turkey. This is why, we do not prefer importing. Turkish raw materials have a good quality comparing to many European and Asian countries. mSometimes, there may be patented products in the international market, which we use to produce our own products. In that case, it becomes an obligatory to import these products since they are not produced in Turkey.

Which countries do you exportation?

For years, we are basically exporting to the European countries, such as England, Holland, Germany, Belgium and Denmark. In the recent years, with the increase in the demand of the Turkish products, we have opened distributorship and agents in the Northern Africa.