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Etiket Arşivi: insomnia

16 golden rules for a quality sleep

  * Vital information about sleep for everybody Prof. Okan Bolukbası, M.D., from Neurology Department of Okan University Hospital furnished us with important details about sleep in an interview for Sleep Well magazine. What is sleep? It is very difficult ...

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Autumn: the season for depression

Autumn depression causes insomnia or extreme sleep. The disease of the century, depression, peaks in autumn. Is it real or is it an excuse? Dr. Mehmet Yavuz, of Reem Neuropsychiatry informs about emotional changes in line with seasons. In autumn, ...

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Effects of insomnia on our daily life

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that affects millions of people. Almost everyone experiences some form of short-term insomnia in his or her life. Insomnia can be mild to severe and varies in how often it occurs and how long it ...

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