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Therapedic International ’s Agility Beats the Rollator Test

Coming off a very encouraging preview at the High Point Market this past fall, Therapedic International officially released its new Agility line at the World Market Center during the recent winter Las Vegas Market here. The product was enthusiastically received by the dealers who saw it at ...

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ISPA welcomes many new members in 2012

International Sleep Products Association performed well in 2012 and welcomed nearly 80 new members from different parts of the world including Turkey. Membership in the International Sleep Products Association ( ISPA ) is strong and growing. ISPA welcomed nearly 80 new members in 2012, with ...

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Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

An evaluation and solution formula by Ashley Sleep who offers five tips for overcoming common culprits of sleeplessness. From snoring partners and lumpy mattresses, to old pillows and bedhogging pets, there’s a lot going on in bedrooms around the world. Unfortunately, it’s wreaking some serious havoc on ...

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BSC Survey: couples having problems in the bedroom

Better Sleep Council finds that one in four Americans in a relationship would rather sleep alone. A recent survey conducted by the Better Sleep Council to learn about couples’ sleep habits and problems shows that 26 percent of U.S. couples get a better night’s ...

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Sleep problems cost billions

Insomnia and sleep apnoea are turning us into major health service consumers, causing us to be less productive at work, and may even lead to serious accidents. If you can’t sleep ot night, you’re not alone. Around ten per cent ...

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