Anasayfa / Sleep (sayfa 4)


16 golden rules for a quality sleep

  * Vital information about sleep for everybody Prof. Okan Bolukbası, M.D., from Neurology Department of Okan University Hospital furnished us with important details about sleep in an interview for Sleep Well magazine. What is sleep? It is very difficult ...

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The first sleep should start in crib

     Safety should be the first priority in the selection of crib   Pre- and post-sleep environment is as important as the selection of crib for healthy and sound sleep of newborns. Şükrü Yener, M.D., from Pediatrics Department of ...

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Reducing allergens in bedding

    * Hohenstein and Centa-Star develop special bedding for dust mite allergy sufferers   Between 10 and 15% of the population are allergic to dust mites, asthma is one of the most common illnesses in the world – and ...

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Wearable device that will not let you fall asleep

    * At any sign of drowsiness, Steer will warn you with vibration and gentle electric impulse, so you do not fall asleep while driving.   Every day, hundreds of millions of people drive cars, but very little of ...

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Restless legs syndrome

  Restless legs syndrome is a syndrome that patient feels an uncomfortable and strange feeling on the legs but he cannot describe exactly; and as a result of this feeling he can not fall asleep. As a rule, patient feels ...

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