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Patient friendly mattresses of world famous brands now in Turkey



Having 12 years of guarantee, products that aim hospitals having high level of in-patient ratio offer serious cost advantages.

Wound formation during inpatient treatment is a serious problem in hospitals. They need special mattresses having special materials and fabrics to prevent the lesions caused by the bed. Now, special products made by craftsmen in facilities of Magnifex brand in Italy are imported in vacuumed packages. Preferred by 35 million customers in 97 countries now are sold in Turkey with Memorabile, Siena and terra models besides Daytona and silver stone mattresses of Tonino Lamborghini for hospitals.

Patient friendly mattresses that are sold by Yatcop in Turkey, prevents the proliferation of bacteria and perspiration thanks to their breathing elastic fabrics, and memosoft filling materials that reduce the pain in belly, legs, bottom and muscles by filling every point in mattresses.

Anti-allergic, antibacterial, anti-stress, and environment friendly mattresses are regarded the right and dependable choice for hospitals. The products are certified by Oeko Tex and CFR 1633, Fira Tb603 for their specifications that have no toxic and hazardous materials for both humans and environment, are flame retardant. Magniflex and By Tonino Lamborghini mattresses are designed and produced in Italy and imported to Turkey. They can be ordered at special sizes and have 12 years of guarantee, thus offer serious cost advantages for healthcare facilities.