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Giz Group , the address of experience and innovation

“We are active in bedding and furniture industries besides other activities. We serve our customers as Gizteks, Gizplast and Gizgrafik. Our experiences in mattress industry are important for success,” says Erhan Karakaslar, owner of the company.

A brief interview follows:

How long is your company active in the industry?

We are active in the sector for 16 years. However we are rather young as Giz Group but we have been active as Gizteks, Gizplast and Gizgrafik brands for three years.

What kind of products do you have for mattress industry?

Gizteks produces wicks and other narrow bands, besides labels and other textile products. Gizplast produces accessories demanded by mattress manufacturers. Handles, cups and protecting plastics are made under this trade name. Gizgrafit produces print designs, stickers and catalogues used in the mattress industry.

Do you import any of the inputs?

Earlier, mattress wicks have been regarded as unimportant. It was a basic band to be used on the edges of mattresses. Neither color nor quality was important. Now, we produce variety of edge wicks upon the special needs of producing companies, who want to differentiate their products. Our wicks can be ordered at variety of widths from 30 mm. to 45 mm. We also developed types of air capsules at different sizes and shapes. They are all can be adjusted to the needs of mattress designs.